Cold Facts for Cattle


This winter may have started out mild, but there is no disputing that sub-zero temperatures have arrived in our area and will be hanging around for many more months. Though we have plenty of shelter to ride out the polar vortex, cattle need a hand to weather these cold snaps.

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Bohlmann Philosophy Builds Customer Longevity


The secret to success in any business is as simple as adhering to a philosophy that gives value to the consumer. That, in turn, begins a chain reaction, especially in the business-to-business market.

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Lapke Returns To Bohlmann Quality Products


For over 50 years, Bohlmann Quality Products of Denison, Iowa, has been designing and manufacturing concrete products. For approximately 30 of those years, Leo Lapke has maintained close ties with the staff, and he has returned to help out for the third time over that 30-year span.

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