Key Features & Benefits

  1. Tubular chromium plated heating elements and Fenwal thermal switch thermostats ensure years of dependable heating performance.
  2. Optional peaked hood is available for Grade A applications on most waterer models.
  3. Oversized drains are flush mounted with bottom of trough for an increased level of ease during cleanout.
  4. New hood and service door hardware is designed for years of trouble-free maintenance while allowing for easy change-out if the need should arise.
  5. Larger service door provides easier access for maintenance.
  6. Sealed with a two-part epoxy coating for added protection from salts and minerals while creating a smoother finish surface for easier cleaning.
  7. Sloping Side Walls offers extended protection against freezing.
  8. V notch eliminates water from entering riser pipe under tank.
  9. Over 2" of polyurethane insulation provides an R-value rating of 12 to contain ground heat within the waterer.
  10. All metal components are manufactured from either galvanized or stainless steel for the highest level of durability.
  11. All models are reinforced with a welded rebar cage for added strength and durability while the larger models offer an additional wire mesh.