Waterer Ice Prevention

Below is a list of optional features that prevent freezing. The optional features are available on most Bohlmann waterers.

  • Walters constant flow ice preventers. The thermostatically controlled Walters valve helps prevent freezing by using a coil filled with gas that expands and contracts based on the temperature of the water. The coil is placed in the water, and as the temperature drops, the gas expands, and near the freezing point, the valve automatically opens, releasing a flow of water to circulate the water in the trough. Just as the Walters constant flow ice preventer turns on automatically, it also turns off automatically when the water temperature rises, conserving water usage.
  • Electric heat. Electric heat helps to prevent freezing in colder climates or in yards where waterers are more exposed to wind. Tubular chromium plated heating elements and Fenwal thermal switch thermostats ensure years of dependable heating performance.
  • Brass valves. Some models offer the option of upgrading the valve from plastic to brass for greater protection against wear and weather.

All metal components in Bohlmann cattle waterers are manufactured from either galvanized or stainless steel for the highest level of durability. In addition, large service doors provide easy access for maintenance, and our newly designed hoods and service door hardware guarantee years of trouble-free maintenance, while allowing for easy change-out if the need should arise.

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