Waterer Installation Instructions

All Bohlmann waterers should be installed on a concrete platform. The waterer should be set on a bead of mortar or tar on a clean level platform. The mortar or tar should be finished smooth around the outside of the waterer and molded up approximately 1" against the inside of the walls and corners to help hold the waterer in place.

When setting the waterer make sure that you have a sufficient riser pipe to allow ground heat to rise up around the water line. We recommend at least a 10" riser pipe to do the job effectively. The insulated tile we outsource is 4' in length and has a diameter of 12" with 2" walls and an inside diameter of 8".

In areas of extremely cold winters, it may be necessary to use heat tape or low-wattage auxiliary heater which can be wired in with the thermostat and hung near the riser pipe.

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Proper Water Level: The water level should be maintained not more than ¼" above the top of the slots in the float chamber during the winter.

Thermostat: The thermostat is pre-set at approximately 50degrees. However, sometimes during shipment or handling, the setting may become altered and must be reset.

Caution! One complete turn of the adjusting screw on the thermostat changes the temperature setting by 80 degrees. Several turns of the adjusting screw may ruin the thermostat and void the standard one-year warranty. Turn adjusting screw counter-clock-wise to raise the temperature setting; turn clock-wise to lower temperature setting.

Thermostat failure: In the event the thermostat sticks or fails to function, which can occur after several years in service or after a period of non-use, turn adjusting screw ¼ turn each way a few times then the thermostat should function properly. If after this procedure the thermostat still does not work, it will have to be replaced.

Caution! Thermostat is screwed into a ½" brass coupling and should be turned only little more than hand tight.

Temporary Emergency Measures: If thermostat fails during freezing weather, water can be kept ice-free by wiring direct.

  • • Disconnect electric power to waterer
  • • Cut wires on both sides of the thermostat and wire heater direct
  • • Turn electrical power to waterer back on

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Electric Heaters

The tubular heaters have an incaloy sheath. These heaters should be brushed clean periodically to prevent lime and scale build-up, thus promoting heating efficiency and adding life to the heater.

Wiring: Be sure that wiring is properly installed to meet all safety requirements of local code. Use a separate fuse circuit for each waterer. Use correct amp fuse (see chart below.)

Model Watts Amps
80 196 5
120, 240, H120, H240, 100, 110, 200, H200, 140, 75, 160, 40, 50, H50 298 5
150, 250 498 5
175 596 10
300 798 10
350 796 10
225, 375, 400 895 10
220, 275, 310, 325, 330, 360, 390, 500, 550, 600, 700, 800 900 15

Installation: Top portion of heater which (portion that is above water) heats air in the float chamber compartment and pipes in combination models as in an electric oven, to keep walve and pipes from freezing. Additional heat may be gained by raising heater up, exposing more of element to air.

Heater may be adjusted up or down by loosening heater clip.

Installation Chart

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