Bohlmann Philosophy Builds Customer Longevity


Denison, Iowa - The secret to success in any business is as simple as adhering to a philosophy that gives value to the consumer. That, in turn, begins a chain reaction, especially in the business-to-business market.

Bohlmann Quality Products is one local example of how adhering to that philosophy has benefited them and their customers for over 60 years. According to Leo Lapke, livestock and specialty sales manager at Bohlmann, there is one business premise that has stayed true for them over the years; quality, every time.

John and Agnes Scholten, owners of Scholten Plumbing and Heating of Hull, Iowa, who have been loyal customers of Bohlmann for nearly 50 years, said they have remained with Bohlmann because the company's mission is completely aligned with their business perspective. "If you do good work for a fair price, you'll have all the work you need," explained Agnes.

"Word of mouth and reputation are what got us all a lot of work," John added. "Bohlmann makes a good concrete waterer, in fact some of them out there are over 40 years old."

The Scholtens aren't the only long-term customers that have had a solid, unwavering relationship with the concrete manufacturer. Grant VanDeBrake, owner of the Sheldon Farmers Market in Sheldon, Iowa said that Bohlmann rises above their competitors, not only because of the products, but also because of the people.

"For 49 years, I have sold Bohlmann concrete livestock waterers," explained VanDeBrake, "and what sets their product apart is durability and great service.They have always stood behind their products and parts." As VanDeBrake and the Scholtens point out, their businesses have had to go through several changes to keep up with the times, but no matter what other competitive products come on the market, they still haven't been able to live up to the quality and longevity found in the Bohlmann concrete waterers.

"The one thing that our customers look for in any product is value for their dollar," VanDeBrake said. "That is exactly what they get from Bohlmann."

"Other types of waterers have become available," John added. "But, steel will rust out and the salt and minerals are hard on plastic. The Bohlmann waterers can withstand the harsh Iowa elements. I guess they haven't changed much, because they haven't had to."

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