Bohlmann Celebrates National Dairy Month


Denison, Iowa - Bohlmann Inc. is taking the month of June to showcase its ongoing commitment to superior quality and to meeting the requirements of the beef and dairy industries when it comes to their products. The western Iowa based company continues to advance construction of their dairy waterers and feeders to make sure those in the workforce are able to do their job efficiently, as the industries provide a number of products and goods that are vital to the economy on a daily basis.

In honor of June being National Dairy Month, Bohlmann is extending a 35% discount on their Model 600 dairy waterers through June 30th. Each Bohlmann livestock waterer includes an anti-siphon valve, can hold 25 to 140 gallons of water depending on the needs of the customer and is constructed from galvanized or stainless steel for the highest level of dependability. Backed by their strong service team, Bohlmann strives to meet each client's exact needs and continues working on developments for the dairy industry.

Additionally, in recognition of the hard work of the men and women in the dairy industry, Bohlmann has recently placed an ad in the June issue of American Dairymen Magazine, thanking them for their dedication.

Bohlmann Inc. believes that a having strong presence in their community is just as important as their involvement in the dairy sector. The Crawford County Fair provides an excellent annual opportunity for Bohlmann to not only connect with customers and prospects, but also to show their appreciation to local beef producers and dairy farmers. The Bohlmann Quality Products booth has been a part of the fair for over 30 years and will be up and running from July 23rd through the 28th.

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